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What if you had insider knowledge as to what credit bureau will be checked before you ever even submit your application?

What if you could manipulate the odds of an approval in your favor by making sure that the credit bureau that showed your highest score was the one the lender would see?

Most people tend to have great scores on their Equifax credit file and average scores on the other two bureaus. So, I am offering a comprehensive listing of banks/credit unions and stores that will pull Equifax only…. in YOUR STATE ONLY.

If you have better scores on your Transunion file or on your Experian file...l have those as well...in any state of your choosing.

For instance in Florida there are 39 sources, in New York there are around 32 while in California there are 50 sources in all for the Equifax bureau only. Each region and state is different.

The list will consist of banks, credit unions, retail establishments and major credit cards. There are very few banks that will pull only one bureau, so I don't include those on the listing.

It is important to get listings specific to your state because the Target in your area may use a different bureau then the Target in California.  And, there may be a little known local credit union in New Jersey that someone in Arizona, for instance could not apply for.

If you want a listing specifically for your neck of the woods, YOU NEED MY LISTS. I sell only updated and accurate information SPECIFIC TO YOUR AREA ONLY.I have all states available and all 3 bureaus available as well. $20 flat rate per bureau, per state.

I pull the information FRESH FROM THE DATABASE the day you order, so that you don't receive some old, stale PDF that may or may not reflect what lenders are doing today.

Additionally, I have many specialized reports available for those who are seeking to improve their credit situation or just protect their privacy. See the order page for more details.

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